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Catfighting - What Is It? Female Combat Fetish Explained -

Catfight – What Is It?

A Catfight is generally viewed as an unsanctioned female fight for dominance, usually for the gratification of male viewers. Catfights in film might feature wild punching, hair pulls and scratches. In the fetish fighting world catfighting can be any kind of girl on girl female wrestling, foxy boxing, female belly punching contest or women in staged or real but unsanctioned combat. Professional female boxing and women’s wrestling generally do not fall under the term catfight.

The Catfighting fetish genre features women who have crossed over from the sports world, some professional fighters, as well as models with no previous experience but who can put on a good show. Hit the Mat features primarily fantasy catfights, although we are expanding into more real, unsanctioned type female battles.

Our Catfighting library includes female Foxy Boxing, Women’s Wrestling and other female fights which including belly punching women and other catfights.

catfight female wrestling
Example of a catfight wrestling match, Crystal vs Frankie Z.