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Tomiko Defeated! POV Boxing
Genre: Mixed Boxing -- Length: 9 mins

Tomiko is in the ring looking for sparring partners, but she thinks you are…disappointingly small. After taking her top off, the sparring session starts and Tomiko comes out swinging. Mid-taunt however, she eats a punch to the face and is backed in to the corner. Shots to her belly, breasts and faced have her dazed and her eyes rolling a little. Tomiko is a fighter though, and keeps fighting back even after you knock her down. She manages to knock you down as well, but as the fight goes on, her punches are getting weaker. After pummeling her belly, jabbing her bare breasts and knocking her almost punch drunk silly, Tomiko is down for the count!

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Mixed Boxing Ryona Beatdown

Tomiko Madoff punch drunk and defeated!

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