Topless Femdom POV Boxing with Andrea
Genre: POV Boxing
Length: 8 mins

Fan favorite Andrea Rosu, the lovely and skilled redheaded boxer returns to knock your lights out.
Andrea is a petite yet strong fighter, whose boxing skill is very evident when she keeps up a good guard and throws fast, sharp punches. We’ve seen her box both men and women, now she! Taking her top off for the fight, her lovely breasts bounce as she pummels you around the ring, and gets in close to work “your” body.
“You” don’t go down easy though, and Andrea gets stunned and worked over by shots to the face, belly and breasts. She can take anything “you” dish out though, and comes back to knock you on your ass, standing over you and gloating at the end as your vision goes black.


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Topless Boxing Women Andrea Rosu

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Topless POV Boxing featuring the lovely redhead Andrea Rosu

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