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Female Boxing - Veronica Vhynes vs Max Mikita - Boxing Battle P1 -

Veronica Vhynes vs Max Mikita – Boxing Battle P1
Genre: Female Boxing
Length: 9 mins

Veronica Vhynes vs Max Mikita , a rematch from the vault that came after their wrestling match in 2013. Max disrespects the shorter Veronica, and begins to bully her right away. She does not even wait for Veronica to be ready, Max immediately pushes her in to the corner for a beatdown. Veronica gets knocked down, but after blocking a shot and counter punching, Veronica begins to assert herself. It doesn’t last long and Max has Veronica on the ropes again, getting pummeled and dominated. There seems little hope of a comeback as Veronica is knocked down over and over (and even slips a nipple). Is this the end for her?

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