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Mixed Boxing - Skylar Rene Mixed Boxing vs Darrius -

Skylar Rene Mixed Boxing vs Darrius
Genre: Mixed Boxing
Length: 14 mins

Fit powerhouse Skylar Rene comes to Hit the Mat! This fantasy mixed boxing match starts out with no words exchanged, just right to the fight. Darrius goes on the offensive quickly, powering Skylar in to the corner and working her ultra-hard abs, battering her head back and forth, and even going for breast punches! Who pissed in this wheaties today? Darrius taunts, and suddenly Skylar is back on the offensive. This is an intense, fast-paced back and forth fantasy battle with lots of belly punching, breast shots, crotch shots and low blows. Skylar looks good taking punishment as she does dishing it out! At the end, both fighters are down from exhaustion (and illegal blows!).
Featuring: Mouthpieces, belly punching, breast punching, low blows, lots of “corner work”, Skylar Rene’s impressive booty in a thong

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Skylar Rene Mixed Boxing

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