Sinn Sage vs Darrius – Match 3
Genre: Mixed Boxing
Length: 18 mins

Sinn Sage is in the HTM ring shadowboxing. Darrius enters, complimenting her punches. But can she spar? The challenge is made and the fantasy mixed boxing match is on!

Darrius starts off strong, pummeling Sinn and keeping her dazed. A few minutes after being beaten on, Sinn wants to stop “this sparring crap” and do a real match. Once the bell rings, Sinn lets loose! Now Darrius is on the receiving end of a not-stopped ass kicking. Try as he might, he just can’t overcome the revitalized Sinn Sage, and his ass kisses the canvas many times. When he can no longer rise, Sinn poses over his defeated body in victory.

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Mixed Boxing Sinn Sage

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