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Serena Deeb vs Amber O’Neal Boxing
Genre: Female Boxing -- Length: 19 mins

Two pro wrestling talents who have worked for the biggest names in wrestling square off in the Hit the Mat ring, this time with boxing gloves on! Amber O’Neal is a Hit the Mat veteran, but Serena Deeb fires off jabs early stating that Amber was only known for losing. The two exchange verbal blows before they clash in the ring for a boxing match. Serena has some notably quick punches and snaps Amber’s head repeatedly, but Amber won’t go down without a fight. They exchange jabs, hooks and head snapping uppercuts, with a few POV sequences thrown in. Amber plays dirty and even gives Serena a stinkface while she’s down! Amber might come to regret that as Serena gets up and pummels Amber even harder than before. Who will be left standing??

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Foxy Boxing Catfight Serena Deeb Amber ONeal

Spoilers: Serena Deeb knocks out Amber O’Neal for the win
Fans of Amber and Serena don’t want to miss this fantasy female boxing match.
Shot in January 2014

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