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Sarah Brooke vs Kay
Genre: Mixed Boxing -- Length: 21 mins

Sarah Brooke is back in the boxing ring, ready to punch someone out. Kay once again gets to live the dream of boxing a beautiful, topless and aggressive strong woman, and Sarah wastes no time going after him. For the first two rounds he tries to hang back, feel her out and counter punch a bit, but as Round 3 wears on, he’s becoming more and more of a punching bag for Sarah. She lands numerous hard shots to the body., and multiple clean shots to the head, knocking him down several times before finally putting him out at the end of the 5th round. Sarah Brooke is your winner!

Femdom mixed boxing, a mix of fantasy with real hits from Sarah Brooke.
2022 update! Links now go to 1280x720HD Remastered version.

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