Mixed Boxing Laura vs Darrius Part 1
Genre: Mixed Boxing
Length: 16 mins
The long awaited mixed boxing video featuring Laura is here! This firey babe has quite the mean streak, and at the start of the video takes Duncan completely apart in a quick one sided mixed boxing beatdown. She works him over in the corner endlessly, hammering his face and midsection with hard shots! When he falls limp to the canvas, Laura stands over him, asking if anyone can beat her. Darrius steps up for the challenge but for starters is getting the same treatment Duncan did. Laura is kicking his ass! She taunts Darrius as she punishes him, him and hammering him while she has him cornered. She gets careless though, and frustrated as Darrius clinches, leaving herself open. Darrius begins to fight back, and both fighters take their turns punishing the other. The match is more back and forth as part one comes to a close, but who will pull out a victory?
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