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Megan Jones vs Darrius Boxing
Genre: Mixed Boxing -- Length: 22 mins

Megan Jones and Darrius Jone finally meet in the Hit the Mat boxing ring! After lots of trash talking and a few sneak attacks, the gloves come on and the bombs start going off. Darrius starts off strong, rocking Megan around the ring with big shots, and battering her belly. The first round (and a half) is all Darrius, until Megan Jones starts making a comeback. Once Megan is in control, she beats the absolute HELL out of Darrius, pounding his belly until his legs are jelly. After a dominating fight, knocking Darrius out and flexing over his defeated body, Megan picks him back up and beats him up some more, bare knuckle. I think we found out who the top Jones is!


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HTM Boxing
Fantasy Mixed Boxing custom video starring Megan Jones vs Darrius

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