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Lady Drago vs Darrius Creed
Genre: Mixed Boxing -- Length: 15 mins

The video starts with “Lady Drago” Clever Brave at the end of her match with strongman Flexin’ Danny knocking him out, and afterwards calling out Darrius “Creed”.
Both Lady Drago and Darrius shadowbox, and do a quick pre fight trash talking session. At the start of the fight, the topless Lady Drago comes out aggressive, no feeling out period, as she throws big hooks to his head. Darrius fights back some, scoring some hits, but Drago comes back. She hammers on him head and belly, with body blows that trap him in the corner. Every time he fights his way back, she comes back stronger, even sending him to the canvas in twice in the first round. Drago is very cocky in the start of the second until Darrius knocks her down early. Drago comes back hard, but Darrius works over her body and tits. After a brutal volley of shots Drago goes down again, but she’s taken some serious damage this time. Darrius goes on the attack, but Drago continues to fight back as hard as she can. Both are trapped on the ropes taking hard shots to the belly and ribs. Drago takes a pounding in the corner as the bell rings to save her from more punishment. Next round she goes on the attack keeping Darrius in his corner, messing him up and forcing him to clinch. Both fighters trade brutal shots, as they hammer each other all around the ring. Who wins? Next time, you pick the winner!

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Fantasy mixed boxing

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