Female Boxing - The Next Foxy Rocky: Kymberly Jane vs Samantha Grace -

The Next Foxy Rocky: Kymberly Jane vs Samantha Grace
Genre: Female Boxing
Length: 27 mins

With the original Foxy Rocky currently banned from the sport due to PED usage, the Battle for the Bowtie and who gets to be the next Foxy Rocky star comes down to Kymberly Jane and Samantha Grace. Sam has been through a lot of boxing battles in the past year at HTM, while Kym only recently returned to suffer a crushing defeat. Being Foxy Rocky’s former sparring partner and having already fought for the Bowtie, she believes it’s her right. But Sam has been an award-winning boxer and sees herself at the biggest star, deserving of the Bowtie. It’s strip boxing rules and one the KO’d while naked loses!

After some pre-fight trash talk, the fight starts and both girls are immediately snapping each other’s heads with vicious punches. Sam takes early control and Kym is looking a bit worn out and woozy from all the punches to the face, body and boobs! The fight gets dirtier with some low blows, LOTS of breast punching, punching during clinches, and even breast smothering. Who wins? Read below the clip.

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Female Boxing
Spoilers: By the end, Kym is so out of it she can barely fight. Sam picks her apart and sends her to the mat with a KO finisher. The winner of the Bowtie and NEW Foxy Rocky, is Samantha Grace!
Fantasy female boxing custom in 1920x1080HD.
Includes slow-motion bonus footage of Kym and Sam punching each other’s boobs (from Slow Motion Vol2)
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Posted -07-04-2017
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