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KO Compendium Vol 1 – Female Boxing Knockouts
Genre: Female Boxing -- Length: 13 mins

We’ve gotten some requests for a compilation of boxing knockouts, the action of the final round, the count out, the victory pose and panning over the loser. The first installment of this fantasy boxing “KO Compendium” will feature HTM classic female boxing matches. Featuring:
Raquel vs Onyx (HTMV09)
Cali Logan vs Helena (HTMV53)
Amanda vs Nicole (HTMC27)
Helena vs Onyx (HTMV43)
Chrtistie Ricci vs Helena 2009

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Note that preview clips may have slightly offsynced audio
Female Boxing
Note that old clips use the original sound FX. Non-topless.
Boxing girls out on their feet, beaten down and knocked out.

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