KK Qing KOs Jennifer Boxing
Genre: Female Boxing
Length: 4 mins

Choose your winner! In this ending to their boxing bout, the 5’11″ GIANT KK Qing knocks out the small but superbuff 5’1″ Jennifer Thomas. Jennifer won’t go down easy, getting up from several huge shots and knockdowns, but KK finally puts Jennifer away with a huge uppercut, knocking her down and out for the 10 count. KK celebrates her victory with some poses and we pan over Jennifer’s KO’d and defeated form.


Preview mirror – https://twitter.com/HTMwrestling/status/1295582942677405702
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HTM Boxing
Fantasy female boxing – Final round with KK Qing KO’ing Jennifer Thomas
(Official canon ending)

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KK vs Jennifer Main Event (Part 1)

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