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Jenny Steel vs Aaron Hummer
Genre: Mixed Boxing -- Length: 12 mins

Aaron Hummer takes on the powerhouse BBW Jenny Steel!
Standing at about 5 feet tall, Jenny Steel may be short, but the Canadian Juggernaut has left a trail of destruction in Mutiny’s ring. Will Jenny be able to chop Aaron down to size?

This is a back and forth mixed boxing brawl that sees both fighters trading blows and some very stiff belly punching. Aaron frequently opts to give up his reach advantage in order to get in close and hammer away on Jenny with body shots. The impact from Aaron’s hard belly punches sends visible ripples and impact craters through Jenny’s body. Jenny’s face contorts with pain but she doesn’t go down without a fight, pounding away when she has Aaron on the ropes and even manages to knock him down. But he doesn’t stay down long, nor gives Jenny a chance to breathe as he takes full control of the match. Jenny is worn down and broken by Aaron, as he puts her lights out with a savage uppercut for the 10 count KO.
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Fantasy mixed boxing with some hard belly punching.

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