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HTMV08 Mutiny vs. Darrius
Genre: Mixed Boxing -- Length: 30 mins

Type: Mixed Boxing
Length: 30 min
Mutiny vs. Darrius

It seems that Darrius’ reputation in the mixed boxing arena has gone international as Mutiny from Canada graces the HTM studios looking to knock Darrius out cold. In a pre fight interview she doesn’t think Darrius can do anything to her, while Darrius, cocky as always doubts her boxing abilities. Mutiny flits and taunts Darrius whispering in his ear, telling him that she is going to knock him out. Darrius is known for dishing out brutal belly beatings, but Mutiny is no stranger to a punch in the stomach. Can she survive Darrius’ onslaught and send him to the canvas for good? A brutal match you have to see to believe.
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