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Mixed Boxing - HTMV41 Yasmin vs Darrius -

HTMV41 Yasmin vs Darrius
Genre: Mixed Boxing

Type: Mixed Boxing
Length: 34 min
Yasmin vs Darrius

This contains both the original boxing match and the rematch. Yasmin and Darrius engage in some heavy trash talking before the opening bell of their mixed boxing match, each convinced they will dominate and destroy the other. The first round sees Yasmin taking the advantage over Darrius, out-boxing him and overpowering him with head shots and stomach punches. Yasmin turns Darrius into her human punching bag for the remainder of the first part, finishing him off with a knockout. Upon video review of the ass-kicking he received, Darrius is looking for a rematch. We find Yasmin working out in the ring, and Darrius wants his rematch, then and there! This time things are different, Darrius uses basics and snaps her head back often with his quick jabs. Yasmin is in trouble early and Darrius demolishes her piece by piece. Yasmin has a scared look on her face as he fakes to the head to bring her gloves up, and then buries his gloves in her stomach. The belly barrage traps her on the ropes as he blasts away the belly punishment until she falls to the canvas. Darrius lifts her up and continues to break down her abdominal muscles. It’s looking like Darrius will get his revenge!
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