HTMC15 Sybil Starr vs Darrius
Genre: Mixed Boxing

Type: Mixed Boxing
Length: 11 min
Sybil Starr vs Darrius

These two fighters have been waiting for the chance to fight a mixed boxing match for a long time. They touch gloves, and the action is on! Sybil Starr takes a big beating right at the beginning lefts and rights battering her face and body, knocking her to the canvas within the first minute. That is just what she needed to get her juices going. Darrius waves her in feeling cocky and gets a taste of his own medicine as she snaps his head back with 1-2 combinations; quick flurries to the body, and brutal uppercut put Darrius on his ass. Now that both boxers know each others power they go at each other with everything they have. In the end this high impact, high intensity match has a twist ending which will leave you wanting more!
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