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Fetcon Boxing 5 – Gia Love vs Kat VanWylder
Genre: Female Boxing -- Length: 14 mins

Gia Love and Kat Van Wylder square up for some boxing at Fetcon! Both are looking to beat up some annoying ass GWC but fight each other when they can’t find his hiding spot. Both are clad in VERY tiny bikinis with buttfloss thongs. It’s an apartment boxing brawl, but the difference in power is clear and soon it’s a one sided beatdown, with Gia Love dominating Kat VanWylder. Gia is knocking her around so hard her eyes are crossing! After tenderizing Kat’s belly a bit more, Gia seals the deal with a right straight, knocking Kat out for the 10 count. Your winner, Gia Love!

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