Erika and Mutiny vs Darrius
Genre: Mixed Boxing
Length: 14 mins

2 on 1 fantasy mixed boxing action! Erika and Darrius wake up from their knockout nap (Courtesy of Mutiny), and Darrius is pissed Erika lost to Mutiny. Darrius taunts her boxing and starts beating her up bare knuckle and Mutiny makes the save. She consoles Erika and they both double team Darrius! Mutiny is in first, kicking his ass. She tags in Erika, but having already lost a match, Darrius begins to beat her. Then Mutiny jumps in and its 2 v 1. But one misplaced shot and Mutiny accidentally knocks out Erika, then Mutiny is beaten until they are both laying next to each other . Winner, Darrius!

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mixed boxing 2 on 1

Fantasy mixed boxing, 2 girls vs 1 guy!

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