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Mixed Boxing (Femdom) - Diana Knight vs Darrius Mixed Boxing P1 -

Diana Knight vs Darrius Mixed Boxing P1
Genre: Mixed Boxing (Femdom)
Length: 9 mins

Diana Knight comes to Hit the Mat! Hot fantasy mixed boxing.

Darrius, having defeated even female pro boxers now, is looking for a new challenge. He offers $500 to any man that can beat him. When he sees another woman in the ring ready to take the boxing challenge, he thinks it’s a joke. But Diana takes it to him early on, knocking him down with a relentless assault. This pisses him off, and he fires back with his own combinations, seemingly defeating her after a single flurry.

When she gets up to continue the fight, he’s shocked. First, she proves to him his wimpy punches can’t hurt her. Then, she dodges his wide, frustrated swings. After that, she opens a can of whoop-ass on him and dominates him for the rest of the fight! What is the secret to Diana Knight’s almost inhuman strength?? Part 1 of 2.

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Sexy Mixed Boxing Video

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