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Boobs-Out Boxing! Christina Carter vs Goldie Blair
Genre: Female Boxing -- Length: 14 mins

Christina Carter and Goldie Blair glove up for Hit the Mat’s boxing fans! One thing is certain, those tiny bikini tops have ZERO hope of containing either fighter’s voluptuous bosoms. Sure enough, it only takes a few shots for the boobs to come out and by the second round the tops are removed entirely. This slugfest is a battle for dominance as the 5’6″ Christina Carter attempts to KO the smaller 5’3″ Goldie Blair. Both ladies get their breasts beaten, bellies battered, and their jaws jacked with head whipping face shots. 4 rounds of foxy boxing brawling, with a final “overtime” round to settle the score, since four was not enough!

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Scripted fantasy foxy boxing. – Spoilers – Christina carter wins

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