Chanell vs Kay
Genre: Mixed Boxing
Length: 24 mins

Chanell Heart is back at Hit the Mat to kick some ass! Kay (KO’d Boxer) from Facebook was originally set to face Courtney, but Courtney had to reschedule due to an upcoming MMA match. Kay doesn’t think much of Chanell’s fighting skills as she’s “just a pornstar”. After feeling each other out the first round, K takes the initiative and starts seeing what Chanell can take. K dominates much of Round 2 and it seems he might be right about her lack of boxing skill! Round 3, an enraged Chanell takes charge and starts hammering K with hard, smacking blows to the body. Chanell dominates the rest of the match, beating up K and knocking him down several times until he can no longer get up.

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Femdom Mixed Boxing Beatdown

Femdom mixed boxing, a mix of fantasy with real hits from Chanell

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