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Blonde Bomber vs Lightning Lindsey – Real Boxing Women
Genre: Female Boxing -- Length: 10 mins

Real Boxing Women, in lingerie!

Watch Lightning Lindsey (white gloves) and the Blonde Bomber (braids), two semi pro boxers have a semi competitve sparring match in lingerie. The first few rounds both gals go back and forth giving each other hard shots to the head and body. Both ladies showcase skill and Blonde Boxer is a bit bigger, but Lindsey is unafraid as she uses her speed to try and even the odds. In this 5 round fight, the last two rounds are topless are the punches fly and the titties swing.

Priced as low as C4S will allow due to the phone quality, but we think people will appreciate the showcase of real boxing skill in sexy lingerie, and are looking for sponsors to get them in a real ring!

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