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Blonde Bomber vs Lightning Lindsey – Real Topless Boxing Rematch
Genre: Female Boxing -- Length: 16 mins

6 two minute rounds of TOPLESS BOXING, semi-competitive sparring rematch between the very popular pro boxers Blonde Bomber and Lightning Lindsey.

In this highly anticipated rematch between The Blonde Bomber and Lightning Lindsey, we see Lindsey starting off fast trying to take control of the fight early. The Blonde Bomber takes it in stride letting her opponent move around, while she waits for her opportunity to strike. Lighting uses her fast feet and gloves to keep the bomber from mounting any type of offense for the first few rounds. Blonde starts to find her stride in the 3rd as she comes in ready to drop the hammer on Lightning Lindsey. As the fight progresses the intensity increases as both gals start to throw with abandon. The end comes by way of TKO as one girl takes a hard shot and can no longer continue. Pretty ladies, and intense action!

Bonus footage includes abs conditioning training (including a nasty shot to the solar plexus!) while topless, and interviews with Lindsey and Bomber.

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