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Mixed Boxing - Billyon vs Darrius Part 1 -

Billyon vs Darrius Part 1
Genre: Mixed Boxing
Length: 11 mins

Billyon is back at Hit the Mat!
In part 1 of this fantasy female boxing match, we fade in to Billyon shadow boxing in the ring. Her quick punches and good form show she has some real punching skills. When Darrius enters the ring, he states he believes her forms need some work, calling her an amateur. That’s all the reason they need to beat the snot out of each other. Billyon shows Darrius just how good her “form” is in action, knocking him around the ring. But Darrius manages to find and exploit her weaknesses over time, wearing her down and finally laying her out. At the end of part 1, Darrius takes a little something from Billyon…

Another must see from Hit the Mat!

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Mixed Boxing

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