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Alexa vs Melyssa Boxing
Genre: Female Boxing -- Length: 17 mins

The highly anticipated foxy boxing match is here! After SMASHING the top 50 on Clips4sale, fans have looking forward to these two newcomers squaring off. Wearing the black vintage HTM boxing gloves, Alexa and Melyssa are ready to battle it out.

It’s straightforward boxing battle with non-stopped punching action, much of that being more skilled Alexa beating on the slightly shorter and somewhat out of her league Melyssa. The energetic Alexa has an impressively high workrate and stamina, while Melyssa is worn and beaten down over the course of 4 grueling rounds. Your winner, with authority, Alexa!

Very hot fantasy foxy boxing from the newbloods.

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#1 in Clips4sale’s FEMALE BOXING category on 09/06/2022!

#1 on CLips4sale’s highly competitive front page Top 50 on 09/10/2022!

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