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2 vs 2 Tag Team Foxy Boxing – Jen and Koven vs Denise and Onyx
Genre: Female Boxing -- Length: 19 mins

Tag Team Foxy Boxing custom fantasy fight featuring Koven and Jennifer teaming up to take on Dynamite Denise and Onyx. All fighters sporting mouthguards and lace-up boots. A fighter that cannot make the 10 count is eliminated from the match.

4 rounds of hot sexy fighting action as our teams of female fighters battle for dominance.
Round 1 starts off with Jennifer and Denise, with Denise putting up a strong showing for her return to the ring.
Round 2 sees veteran Onyx being a complete bully and heel over newer fighter Koven, and it’s a completely one sided round with Onyx dominating Koven until the KO.
Round 3 has Jennifer and Denise battle again, with Denise trying to score that knockout, but ending up eliminated herself
Round 4 we have long time rivals Jennifer and Onyx squaring off now, trading jabs, belly punches, clinching, and finally just trading massive haymakers in an attempt to knock the other out. Will this be the exchange that finally settles their rivalry?

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Spoilers – After an epic punch trade, knocking both fighters down.. the count begins. But only Jennifer is able to rise to her feet, while Onyx is completely out of it. Your winners, Jennifer and Koven!

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