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Terra Mizu vs Katarina Sensual Wrestling
Genre: Female Wrestling -- Length: 15 mins

Katarina is feeling confident facing Terra, as she has beaten her in an earlier match. Terra thinks her muscles will help her in this wrestling match. Quickly Katarina shows she is more interested in Terra’s body that her wrestling ability. No matter what technique Terra tries Katarina savours the body to body contact and endeavours to get more. Terra is completely distracted and Katarina puts the moves on her, I mean, puts her in moves. Katarina gets more and more turned on as the match progresses, and Terra gets more and more frustrated with her attempts to control the sex kitten she is grappling. Terra finally finds a few moves that Katarina cannot use to fondle Terra’s ample assets. Now things get more intense as the battle continues Terra tries to find ways to submit Katarina, and Katarina tries to put the moves on Terra. A changes in tactic gives both girls what they want, and one girl is knocked out with a mixture of ass and tit smothers. The loser is left crawling after the winner for more.

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Fantasy lezdom wrestling

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