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Stella Danny vs Guy Cool – Mixed Pro Wrestling
Genre: Mixed Wrestling -- Length: 16 mins

Here comes a new challenger! Meet “Guy Cool” a local veteran pro wrestler here to take on the 6’1″ Glamazon Stella Danny. Guy immediately recognizes Stella’s strength, but points out she’s still very green when it comes to pro wrestling. To give Stella more of a chance, it will take a 10 count pin in order to score victory.

While the powerhouse Stella Danny puts up a fight that leaves an impression with the newcomer, Guy is a bit too experienced (and rather durable) for someone wrestling at Stella’s still beginner level. Guy puts her in a variety of chokes and locks, softens her up with some blows, and overall remains in control for much of the match. By the end, Guy is completely dominating Stella, chokes her out and gets the pin for the win.

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