Milana Ricci vs Katarina Noire
Genre: Female Wrestling
Length: 19 mins

Katarina Noire makes her HTM wrestling debut against Milana Ricci! And what a mismatch this is.. the 5’8″+ MILF Katarina is much bigger than the 5’2″ fun-sized Milana. Katarina’s powerful legs are making easy work of Milana, crushing her body in vice-grip scissors. Milana isn’t going down without a fight, but more than has her hands full with Katarina. Milana tries playing dirty, going for nipple twists and breast attacks, but she soon finds herself on the receiving end! Nipple pinching, sucking, facesits, and more submission holds dot this very sexy topless wrestling match. However, try as Milana might, she is just no match for the larger Katarina.


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Female Wrestling
Fantasy topless wrestling in 1920x1080HD MP4

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