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Eve Starr vs Zoe Grace – Strip Wrestling the Newbie
Genre: Female Wrestling -- Length: 10 mins

Zoe Grace is new to the world of wrestling, and Eve Starr is very eager to show her around the mats. You can feel the erotic attraction between these two as Eve tells Zoe that the winner of each pin gets to remove a item of clothing from their opponent. That is all the motivation that Zoe needs, or so she thinks. Eve shoves her opponents face in the mat, leaving her ass up in the air for all to see. Both girls quickly get stripped out of their clothing as they trade holds back and forth. Eve is clearly enjoying showing the newbie how to wrestle, as they scissor, smother, and toss each other around the mat room. Zoe is very flexible as Eve folds her every which way she wants to. Zoe is doing her best to pick up the wrestling lesson, that Eve is handing out. It is clear they want to see each other again…. on the mats.

Topless women wrestling

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