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Six Rounds with Ziva Fey! POV Boxing
Genre: POV Boxing -- Length: 21 mins

Ziva Fey is tired of getting her ass kicked! Sporting a mouthpiece, white Cleto Reyes sparring gloves and no top, Ziva is out to prove she won’t be beaten by another man yet again. This 2-glove POV boxing custom features back and forth action, with Ziva proving she can give as good as she gets! Ziva might take some punches, knockdowns, and even get dominated for most of a round, but she fights back with ever increasing intensity. We see a rather vicious side of Ziva as she GRINDS in her punches to “your” body, and throws in some illegal axe handle blows! Once she has you down in the final round, Ziva gets on top of you to finish you off with some ground and pound, then gives some final flexing for her victory poses.

POV Boxing custom video starring Ziva Fey

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Topless POV Fighting custom video

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