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Boxing the Hungarian Hammer!
Genre: POV Boxing -- Length: 14 mins

Get ready to punch it out with bodybuilder and kickboxer The Hungarian Hammer! With a sadistic smile and eyes of an executrix, The Hammer is ready to make you fall. With a background in kickboxing, The Hammer has the stamina to throw consistent, hard punches that rock your world. She knocks your head from side to side and PUMMELS your body with powerful blows as her muscles flex, only taking a break to talk trash, or to let your weak ass get back up after she knocks you down again and again.

After a brutal boxing session beatdown, a jaw shattering right hook smashes in to you so hard that your crimson stained mouthpiece goes flying. Then The Hammer mounts you for a final pummeling as you are counted out, completely defeated and humiliated. The Hungarian Hammer flexes over your beaten ass one final time before leaving you a broken mess.

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