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Mixed Boxing – A Deeper Look

Mixed Boxing – What Is It?
Traditionally, mixed boxing is any boxing match between a male and a female. Other languages may roughly translate it as mixed-sex boxing, or intergender boxing. Actual sanctioned professional mixed boxing is nearly unheard of in history. One of the only examples would be Lucia Rijker vs Somchai Jaidee, which was a kickboxing exhibition match. Most mixed boxing exhibition matchups try to pit females vs smaller or lesser trained males to make up for the differences in physical biology. Mixed sparring at boxing gyms, on the other hand, tends to be more common. Professional female boxers, particularly those with a lot of power or of the higher weight classes often find it difficult to find female opponents to spar with. Thus, their coaches will set them up to spar with men, as powerhouse Claressa Shields has famously done.

Mixed Boxing – The Fetish
So how is mixed boxing a fetish? For many, there’s a special allure to the sport of boxing. Many cultures also have a strong fixation on boxing, being one of the pinnacles of masculinity. Dare a woman step in to a man’s world? That’s taboo! Even female boxing was considered taboo and looked down upon ages ago, women weren’t supposed to fight and weren’t supposed to be strong. Mixed boxing? Even more of a taboo! Men aren’t supposed to hit women! But the forbidden tends to intrigue. For men who love strong women, the idea of a woman stepping in to a man’s world is an exciting one. Just the same for a woman looking to take on a forbidden challenge.

Mixed Boxing – Femdom
Female domination mixed boxing, that is, where the woman is stronger than and defeats / beats the man, is historically some of the most common. Not just in female empowerment type pop-culture of movies and television boxing, but in fetish videos as well. The woman steps in to the man’s world not just to fight other women, but to beat men at their own game! People expect that the woman wouldn’t win, so it’s a “surprise twist” when she does. Strong, bad-ass women have become popular in media, and boxing on TV and in the movies was no exception.

In the fetish mixed boxing world, the woman dominating the man was the standard for many, many years. Whether it be a fit woman, a super-muscled FBB, a knockout pornstar, a big-boobed brawler or a girl next door type, the mixed boxing clips featured the man getting beaten down in one sided matches.

Mixed Boxing – Maledom
Male domination mixed boxing, on the other hand, has strong ties to the “damsel in distress” type fetish. It’s about the domination, humiliation and subjugation of the female opponent in boxing by the male. Being taboo, even today, it tends to be more rare, and largely are scripted fantasy matches.

Mixed Boxing at Hit the Mat
At HTM, mixed boxing is one of our core fetishes.

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