Creed vs Lady Drago Retrospective

Last year HTM released the project “Lady Drago vs Darrius Creed”. A multi-part fantasy mixed boxing video featuring Clever Brave as Lady Bravo vs Darrius Jones. I asked Darrius for his thoughts on the shoot, and for any behind the scenes info he’d like to share.


One of the things I remember most about this match was the promo’s leading up to it. Clever wanted to do a real Rocky/Creed vs. Drago so she watched the films and got into the character. She changed her hair as well as did some training montages that were fun to collaborate with.

When it came time to do the video with Clever, I did not have my normal cameraman at the ring, so we used someone who has done videos, but never for me. Not taking anything from him, but when I look back, I can see what I would have changed and added to make it even better. Clever was awesome with camera angles, and just an all-around pleasure to work with. One of the funnier things was how happy she was to have the blood fx added. She enjoyed getting them but wanted to make sure I had some as well, meaning, she got to kick my ass. I think she was a bit disappointed when she realized that the blood wouldn’t show up on me as clearly as it did her. Clever was very gung-ho about this project. She had memorized several angles and shots that she wanted to make sure we could capture. So much so, she jumped behind the camera in one shot, because our cameraman was unable to get the right angle so she did it.

You can see more of “Lady Drago vs Darrius Creed” in the screenshots and clips below.

Genre: Fantasy Mixed Boxing

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