Corporal Max vs Duncan Wrestling Complete

Corporal Max Mikita vs Duncan – Mixed Wrestling – Both parts in one download!

Corporal Max is having problems with her Privates again. It seems Private Duncan lied to get her kicked out of the military, and now fight for revenge. Duncan proves to be a tough opponent, and this first part is a back and forth battle, with Duncan overpowering and even dominating Corporal Max at several points. By the end of the first clip, Duncan even has her counted out! Is this the end of Max’s military career?

Corporal Max is just barely getting up while Duncan taunts her. A low blow to his crotch shots that Max is ready for some revenge. The tides have turned and Duncan is in for a serious beatdown. Max Mikita shows him no mercy and dominates him completely with painful wrestling holds, making his face and body turn red from pressure. She finally knocks him out with a figure 4 headscissors, ending his wrestling beatdown. Don’t mess with Corporal Max!

Originally released in Nov 2015, shot in 2010.

Genre: Mixed Wrestling – Length: 22 mins

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