Veve Lane vs Rocky
Genre: Mixed Boxing
Length: 13 mins

Veve Lane the Petite Powerhouse comes to Hit the Mat! Her opponent is the much larger Rocky (not to be confused with Foxy Rocky), a prominent session boxer. The story: Veve is looking for revenge after Rocky pummeled and beat down Jezabel in another session. After some pre-match interviews and flexing from Veve, the match is on! Veve throws quick and powerful shots to dominate him around the ring. Rocky gets in a few hits, but Veve is just too much! How long will he last?

This is a mixed boxing beatdown/fantasy session edited and released with permission by the sessioner himself. Enjoy a new perspective and style of mixed boxing video courtesy of Rocky!

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Mixed Boxing Veve Lane

Femdom mixed boxing muscle fighter Veve Lane!

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