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Stella Danny vs Kirra Blaze – Female Boxing
Genre: Female Boxing -- Length: 19 mins

The Glamazon Stella Danny takes on the tiny Kirra Blaze!
6’1″ vs 5’0″, a whole as FOOT of height difference and almost 100lbs of weight. How the hell is Kirra going to survive a boxing battle with Stella??

As the two square off, it almost looks like a scene out of a Punch-Out game, the way Stella TOWERS over the tiny Kirra. But once the bell rings, Kirra goes on the offensive in an attempt to bring her giant opponent down to size. And..it seems to be effective! Kirra has a strong round one, keeping Stella on the ropes and on the defensive, and even manages to knock her down in round two. But one big-boobed clinch later, Stella tosses Kirra in the corner and suddenly, it all begins to fall apart. Stella has had enough of letting Kirra think she has a chance, and begins to beat her down and break her, slowly. Both fighters end up popping out of their tops during the brawl. Kirra shows a ton of heart, getting back up again and again after taking such a brutal beating for the rest of the fight, but heart alone isn’t enough to defeat the Glamazon Stella. Especially not when Stella is using her “girls” to assist her in the fight, and the knockout!

Fantasy foxy boxing in HDMP4

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Fantasy female boxing

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