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Samantha Grace vs Rusty II – Kickboxing Rematch
Genre: Mixed Kickboxing -- Length: 19 mins

Samantha Grace vs Rusty boxing was one of last year’s biggest hits in mixed boxing and male domination, topping charts for weeks. Now, after studying a few kickboxing and femdom videos on Youtube, Sam challenges Rusty to a rematch. She doesn’t seem fazed when he mentions his years of martial arts experience and being a prospect for K-1 pro kickboxing, and the fight is on.

Wearing a top that leaves nothing to the imagination, Sam tries to attack Rusty with her “ballerina”-like kicks. She flashes quite a bit of panty and booty, and all targets are up for attack once Rusty goes on the offensive. Sam isn’t just punched around the ring, but also has to contend with knees, kicks and elbows from a well trained kickboxer. Rusty goes between toying with Sam and digging in hard shots, many to the belly and crotch. Sam loses her top, her nerve and a bit of dignity as she is dominated in the match. After Sam can no longer take the crotch abuse or make the 10 count, Rusty has a surprise for her. Instead of chaining her to the heavy bag, this time he chains her to the corner to continue beating her up and finish her off!

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Mixed Boxing

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