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Sage Pillar vs Irene Silver – Kickboxing vs Muay Thai
Genre: Female Boxing -- Length: 18 mins

Sage Pillar makes her Hit the Mat debut against veteran fighter Irene Silver!
Irene towers over little Sage Pillar.. and Sage seems a little misinformed about what’s allowed during this match. While Sage has been practicing her kicks for a kickboxing match, she is thoroughly unprepared for the brutally punishing knees of Muay Thai, something Irene happens to be quite skilled at. But would it really matter? This is going to be an epic, brutal complete squash match jobber girl beatdown no matter how you slice it. Irene bullies, beats and brutalizes the comparatively tiny Sage Pillar in a punishing squash match.

Just when you think Sage is firing back, turns out Irene was simply letting her have some free shots so she can further demoralize, humiliate and mock the little lass. Sage’s small body is a particular target for Irene, with endless knees, punches and some kicks to her slim little belly, with shots of Irene’s foot sinking in to Sage’s soft belly flesh. The endless gut beating knocking the wind out of Sage, with her gasping, eye rolling and her tongue lolling out. Savage!

The LONG and barbaric belly beating finally caps off with Irene Silver grinding and stomping her foot in to the downed and thoroughly defeated Sage Pillar’s belly, crushing out spit and drool as Sage convulses and gasps. The sadistically savage Irene Silver is enjoying ever gurgle and gasp of her demolished and drifting off KO’d foe!

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