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Paula Diamonds vs Jennifer Thomas KO Boxing
Genre: Female Boxing -- Length: 18 mins

Paula Diamonds in the black gloves takes on Jennifer Thomas in the blue gloves, in a best 2 out of 3 knockout boxing match. Each round ends after a ten-count KO. Both fighters don mouthguards and the HTM vintage boxing gloves for this battle. Paula Diamonds has the height advantage, but Jennifer clearly has the power.

It doesn’t take long for Jennifer to score the first knockdown, and Paula is already looking a little woozy. The sharp jabs and hard hooks take their toll on both fighters, but as evident by Paula’s eye rolling, she’s getting the worst out of the punching exchanges. But Paula won’t give up without a fight, scoring her own hard swung haymakers and big knockdowns. Both fighters take an epically brutal beating (and we have some nice KO closeups), but only one will be left standing at the end. (Spoilers below)

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Fantasy female boxing – Spoilers: Jennifer Thomas wins

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