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Megan Jones vs Kim Chi Boxing
Genre: Female Boxing -- Length: 13 mins

Both Megan Jones and Kim Chi are back at Hit the Mat to beat up a curiously absent Darrius, who has once against skipped town. The ladies clash and challenge each other in an all out boxing BRAWL! Massively big swings, big sells, and big knockdowns. With little regard for rules! Kim Chi attacks Megan with vicious hurricane hooks, while Megan prefers massive overhand chopping rights. Punches not often seen in foxy boxing! Megan’s height and power advantage give this punch brutally explosive power, rocking Kim Chi and sending her to the canvas, while Kim Chi’s massive hurricane swings send Megan spinning around and down.

It seems like the bigger they are, the harder they fall, and in the end it’s Megan who ends up succumbing to Kim Chi’s gloves, and ends up being used for a human punching bag! The defiant Megan refuses to admit defeat, claiming Kim Chi “loaded” her gloves, but on this day, Kim Chi is your winner!

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HTM Boxing
Fantasy Female boxing Starring Megan Jones in in Blue and Kim Chi in red
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