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Koven vs Ken Cool – Mixed Boxing
Genre: Mixed Boxing -- Length: 24 mins

Koven clashes with Ken Cool in the Hit the Mat boxing ring!
Standing at 5’11″, Ken towers over the 5’3″ Koven.
4 rounds of mixed boxing plus a post-fight belly punishment round.

Round 1 is a back and forth mixed boxing slugfest, with both fighters swinging hard, throwing powerful shots and attempting to establish dominance. Ken’s superior range gives him an advantage, but it’s still anybody’s fight.

Round 2 we see Koven take her top off, and it’s super effective! Ken’s focus is shaken, and Koven takes advantage, landing her shots while she can. But not for long, as pain and adrenaline get Ken’s head back in the game, and he begins chipping away at Koven’s abs.

Round 3 sees Ken beginning to dominate the fight, and Koven hits the mat multiple times, finds herself getting worked over in the corner, and finding it more and more difficult to land an effective punch.

Round 4 and Ken is completely in control of Koven, knocking her down repeatedly as the boxing damsel struggles to keep getting up. Ken takes his time picking Koven apart, until the final knockout blow. But that’s not the end for Koven…

Punishment round… Ken gets another few minutes of fun with the defeated Koven, punishing her abs with some mean belly punching, beating Koven breathless, dazed, dizzy and finally for another knockout.

Fantasy mixed boxing match ending in topless boxing male domination and KO, with final punishment belly punching round.

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