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KK Qing vs Ziva Fey Boxing Beatdown
Genre: Female Boxing -- Length: 19 mins

The bigger they are, the harder they punch!
The 5’11″ KK Qing vs the 5’1″ Ziva Fey

Ziva Fey returns to the Hit the Mat ring sporting black vintage style HTM gloves and a white “Warrior” skirt, curious about her upcoming opponent named “Qing”. As The Giantess KK Qing introduces herself, Ziva is in shock! THIS is the Qing she’ll be fighting?! But it’s okay, Ziva is a warrior and never backs down, no matter how much you knock her down.

And knocked down, she is! Over and over, this match is an epic knockdown fest with over the top sells from the amazingly athletic Ziva, as the exceedingly dominant Giant KK Qing sends her flying with massive, thunderous punches over and over. The ring shakes as KK bounces around, mocking Ziva as she struggles to get up. Ziva’s fury ignites in a barrage of punches to KK, but sadly, they never seem to have any lasting effect. Ziva tries as she might to put a dent in the giant, but just gets laughed at, beat up and knocked down again and again.

For five long and hard rounds, KK Qing is absolutely crushing Ziva. To KK, this is barely even a warmup! But the woozy Ziva refuses to give up, and with one final burst of energy, Ziva has KK actually reeling in the corner! Unfortunately, the incredibly beaten down Ziva is at her limits, and one shove from KK is all it takes to send her to the canvas again.

Finally, maybe mercifully, KK Qing ends Ziva’s suffering with a titanic Superman punch that shakes the entire studio. She then poses over Ziva’s prone body, as Ziva is left drooling with her eyes rolling!

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