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KK Qing vs Vonka Romanov – Boxing Beatdown
Genre: Female Boxing -- Length: 20 mins

Standing at 5’3″, Vonka Romanov comes back to the Hit the Mat ring!
And her opponent… towering at 5’11″… the thunderous Giant, the Qing of the Ring, KK Qing!

We start off with some pre-fight warming up on the heavy bag, and it’s pretty clear who the harder puncher is… we then see Vonka in her corner, and KK strolls in to her ring ready to hand Vonka her ass. After a little exchange of words, Vonka is having second thoughts about the match, but KK is ready to get it on.

Does Vonka have what it takes to chop the giant down? Yeah… no. Vonka might get some hits in, but she’s about to get her ass kicked in EPIC boxing beatdown fashion, just a jobber girl getting viciously and mercilessly crushed, punched in to oblivion, Vonka hits the mat over and over. Vonka’s retaliations only seem to make KK smile and the following punishment even harder. This is the Qing’s Ring and Vonka is sentenced to one hell of an ass whupping.

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