KK Qing vs Sheena Boxing Part 2
Genre: Female Boxing
Length: 4 mins

Choose your winner! In this edition, KK Qing KOs Sheena for the win.

The foxy boxing battle continues between KK Qing and Sheena, but it seems both fighters have had enough of playing by…what little rules they respected before. When KK body checks and shoves Sheena to the ground, it devolves in to an all out brawl where virtually anything goes. Kidney shots, rabbit punches, ground and pound, backhand blows..a damned near clothesline.. After one final exchange of blows, The Giant KK Qing clocks Sheena with a jumping overhand rand, knocking Sheena right through the fourth wall*. With Sheena’s bells ringing and unable to get back to her feet, KK Qing counts her out and declares victory.

*Not literally the wall.


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Female Boxing
Scripted fantasy foxy boxing

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