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Keri Spectrum vs Rusty – Mixed Boxing
Genre: Mixed Boxing -- Length: 23 mins

A lost mixed boxing match featuring Keri Spectrum vs Rusty from back in 2016!

For the first two rounds, Rusty lets Keri come at him to see what she’s got. But slowly he begins to turn the tables, throwing increasingly fast combinations and putting her on the defensive, as she gets further and further overwhelmed. Keri tries to put up a fight, but is worn down by relentless belly punches and bell-ringing headshots that leave her eyes rolling as she’s stumbling around the ring, woozy, dazed and punch drunk as all hell.

Keri tries to distract Rusty by going topless around 14 minutes in, but a pair of nice bouncing boobies while boxing won’t save her from this beatdown. Rusty’s quick and accurate combinations send the increasingly dazed boxing Damsel Keri to the mats over and over, until she is finally knocked out for the 10 count. Then, it’s punishment time! Tied to the heavy bag with her arms over her head and a blindfold over her eyes, Rusty continues the beating as Keri is now his human punching bag.

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Includes Keri warming up on the bag and a pre-fight interview.

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