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Irene Silver vs Ziva Fey – Strip Boxing
Genre: Female Boxing -- Length: 13 mins

Irene Silver makes her Hit the Mat debut against Ziva Fey! Strip boxing rules!
The tall Irene Silver stands at a statuesque 5’10″ vs little Ziva’s 5’1″. Can you say jobber girl’s gonna get squashed (again?) Well, Ziva thinks she can even the odds with a NASTY cheap shot to the bigger Irene, tuning her up and knocking the spit out of her! The ref allows it, and Irene must remove her top.

The main fight begins, and it becomes clear rather quickly that Ziva is no match for Irene. Taller, stronger, and a skilled fighter, Irene parries little Ziva’s shots and her counterpunches send Ziva reeling back in a punch dazed stupor. Ziva is getting her ass handed to her in the first round, and a hard punch to the gut followed by an uppercut puts her flat on her back. Now it’s time for Ziva’s top to come off!

Ziva tries to bum rush Irene again, but gets knocked right back to the canvas….again. Now that tiny butt floss bikini bottom has to come off! The fight continues with Ziva now nude, and Irene continues to knock her down and dominate her. Poor jobber girl Ziva just doesn’t stand a chance! As Irene works Ziva over in the corner, Ziva is saved by the timer, just barely managing to survive.

For the next round, Irene Silver changes gloves to her favorite “slut sluggers”, the vintage-style HTM boxing gloves! Irene continues to beat Ziva up, knock her down, work her over, and just completely kick her ass. And Irene is enjoying every minute of this boxing domination! As she has Ziva trapped in the corner, woozy from taking so many punches, Irene spreads Ziva’s legs and lands an uppercut so hard to the crotch that Ziva is lifted off the ground! Ziva crumbles to her knees, but that’s not enough. Irene “helps” Ziva back up, beats her up some more, and knocks her down again. Ziva manages to make it to her feet one last time, and a crushing right hook knocks the SPIT out of her, and she crashes to the mat in a heap.

Irene, still salty over that sneak attack at the start, mounts on top of Ziva to finish counting her out with some good old fashioned dirty boxing ground n pound for each count, knocking Ziva out. Irene flexes on top of her KO’d opponent, celebrating her victory!

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