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Irene Silver vs Rocky M Mixed Boxing Session
Genre: Mixed Boxing -- Length: 13 mins

By request, the full boxing session featuring Irene Silver vs Rocky, with scenes from the previously released POV Knockout Queens! Vol 3.

Irene Silver stands 5’10″ with many years of martial arts and fighting experience under her belt. If anyone can give a good boxing session beatdown, it’s Irene Silver! With that level of skills and power, Rocky might have one of his most punishing boxing matches yet. Irene almost feels bad for him, giving him a few free shots, but he just can’t do anything to her. An easy and dominating knockout victory for Irene Silver!

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This video from the sessioner himself is a mix of scripted femdom fantasy boxing and reality with Irene Silver landing stiff shots against Rocky during the boxing match, along with a first person sequence, flexing victory poses, trash talk, prefight and postfight interviews.

Note that preview clips may have slightly offsynced audio

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